Gulf Seafood Institute

Giving a Seat at the Table to All the Gulf’s Various Organizations

Header2 The Gulf Seafood Institute advocates on behalf of the entire Gulf seafood community and the consumers who depend on us. GSI brings together every aspect of the Gulf seafood supply chain, from harvesters to processors, retailers, restaurants and the communities they serve. This respected organization leverages its broad base of stakeholders to provide policy makers, from Capitol Hill to state capitals, with solutions on pressing issues facing the Gulf’s seafood communities. The organization is dedicated to building a consensus on big-picture issues and to approach these challenges in a positive manner that elevates the entire supply chain. For more information about becoming a member of the Gulf Seafood Institute contact Margaret Henderson,

GSI’s Mission

GSI advocates for the entire Gulf seafood supply chain focusing on policy issues that unite and protect the entire industry, preserve healthy fishery resources, and ensure safe seafood supplies can continue to meet growing consumer demand:
      • Access to adequate seafood supply
      • Gulf seafood safety
      • Sustainability
      • Workforce preservation and development
      • Disaster mitigation and recovery
GSI spearheads programs designed to educate and professionalize our industry so that fishing remains a viable and attractive career for generations to come:
      • Programs designed to increase sustainability of fishery resources
      • Focus on at -risk populations historically contributing to the seafood industry
      • Development of Gulf-wide curriculum designed to train the next generation of seafood workers
GSI focuses on increased fisheries science and research throughout the Gulf to preserve our resource and ensure survival of our industry:
      • Capitalize on technological advances making real-time fisheries data collection faster and more accurate
      • Development of a Gulf Fisheries Science Center to serve as a clearinghouse for data collection and processing information specific to fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico

GSI’s Priorities for Magnuson Stevens

Flexibility in Rebuilding Timelines:
  • Timelines for rebuilding fisheries must be relaxed to enhance flexibility for fishery managers. 
  Annual Catch Limits:
  • The process for establishing ACLs should be revised to increase flexibility, particularly in cases where a fish stock lacks enough data to make sound management decisions.
  New Funding Sources:
  • Monies collected from marine enforcement actions and permitting fees should stay within the region in which they were collected and not be transmitted to the general fund.
  Role of Science and Statistical Committees:
  • In today’s fast-moving world, we should be able to react swiftly by calling SSC and other Council meetings in a more timely manner. The current 28-day notice period for meetings should be more flexible to help address very time-sensitive matters quickly and efficiently. .
  Regional Council Accountability:
  • Strict accountability measures should be established for the Councils and their actions.