GSI’s Online Store


Visit the Gulf Seafood Institute’s new online store at

HatConsumers buy more 20 billion garments each year, according to statistics from the American Apparel and Footwear Association. Most of these buyers visit physical store locations, but items customers can’t find in stores are now found online. The Gulf Seafood Institute (GSI) has opened the GSI Online Store to meet a demand by members and others interested in purchasing GSI logo labeled apparel.

“This is a great opportunity to show support for GSI,” said Texas board member Jim Gossen, who opened the store. “I have used for a number of years for apparel for Louisiana Foods and Caminada Bay Oysters. They sell the finest quality merchandise for a responsible price.”
1471, which hosts the new GSI store, was started in 1982 in New York City as The Queensboro Shirt Company. According to its founder Fred Meyers, in its early days it sold custom embroidered polo shirts to small and medium sized business through small ads in the back of magazines and newspapers.

“Over the years, our customers have about setting up online stores to sell and distribute their logo merchandise,” said Meyers. “In 2012 we launched QB Online Stores, an easy to use platform that allowed us to create custom online stores for our customers, make-on-demand all merchandise ordered for as little as a single piece ordered, as well as allow our customers to have complete control of all merchandise offered as well as the individual profit margins on each product.”

The new store offers t-shirts, polos and collared shirts for both men and women. Hats, towels and brief cases are also available.

According to Gossen, buying GSI labeled clothing and accessories is a great way to support the organization. “We make a small profit from each sale that will be used to help fund programs supported by GSI,” he said.